Tankless Water Heater Myths You Have To Stop Believing

Tankless water heaters. Everyone is talking about them. You’ve probably heard the term in one place or another. Maybe you’ve heard a friend mention them when discussing your respective home renovation projects. Maybe you noticed a Tankless Water Heater being installed in one of your favorite home restoration shows, on one of the many popular home restoration show networks. Whether you were handed a “Tankless Water Heaters and You: A Winning Combination!” pamphlet outside a home improvement depot, or you simply overheard it discussed in hushed tones from coworkers dispersing themselves like cockroaches when you entered the room, Tankless Water Heaters are taking the water heater world by storm.

Bringing a Tankless Water Heater into your life can be a mysterious and altogether intimidating prospect for those not in the know. It can be hard to wrap your head around what a tankless water heater actually is, and what distinguishes it from other non-tankless water heaters. There’s a lot of misinformation and baseless speculation out there, so you have to make sure that what you know is right. Failure to properly educate yourself only give those myths more power, so lets tackle some of the most common ones about Tankless Water Heaters and their potential place in your life.

Myth 1: Won’t they cost more in the long run?

The sleek and slim new water heater design found in the new Tankless Water Heater is not only smaller and less bulky than traditional non-tankless water heaters, but also takes up a lot less space. You’re probably thinking, “There must be a catch!” But the simple fact of the matter is that a Tankless Water Heater has no actual tank in which to store water. That’s why we gave it the name, “Tankless”. With no bulky water-logged tank of water taking up space, in need of constant heating, your heating costs actually go down, due to no longer needing to keep a big tank of water heated at all times. All this is achieved with no tangible long term increase in costs. What a savings.

Myth 2: Don’t they make the water too hot?

Stores abound on social media about Tankless Water Heaters making the water just too darn hot! This myth has been around as long as there have been Tankless Water Heaters, maybe even longer. Stories of scalding hot water or even steam coming out of shower heads are nearly always found to be overblown. Pictures of melted utility sinks and sagging faucets, weakened by the heat and crumpling under their own weight are usually photoshopped to look worse than they actually are. The technology and scientific theories behind the instant heating process are constantly being researched by top Tankless Water Heater scientists. Anyone telling you otherwise probably has a non-tankless water heater to sell you, or worse.

Myth 3: They just don’t supply enough water!

This is simply a slanderous myth with no basis in reality. Other non-tankless water heater distributors attempt to claim that the primary distinguishing feature of a Tankless Water Heater, its lack of a tank, actually keeps it from achieving its primary goal: heating enough water to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy for years to come. Other non-tankless water heater distributors will bring you studies and papers and numbers and figures and facts to try, in vain, to get you to believe their claims. They will attempt to ramble to you about some fanciful theoretical upper limit to the vast quantities of hot water that a Tankless Water Heater can provide. They will say just about anything to get you to believe, even just for a moment, that your future Tankless Water Heater’s hot water output is anything but boundless and infinite. Don’t listen to them! Don’t even think it! Not even for a minute!

Myth 4: They can’t actually deliver hot water instantly

People in the Tankless Water Heater business find themselves in discussions like this all the time. The others will try and back you into a corner, into an indefensible position. They will try to goad you in defending statements neither you, nor anyone else, has ever actually made. No sane re-seller or maintenance technician in the ever growing field of Tankless Water Heater professionals has ever claimed a Tankless Water Heater can provide instant hot water. There’s simply no known mechanism by which such a thing could be accomplished. Those with non-tankless water heaters know this. They are only trying to build up straw men so they can knock them down. Tankless Water Heaters provide hot water exceedingly quickly. Exceptionally fast. Fast enough for all good uses. But those in the know will readily admit there is always some length of pipe the water has to travel before it gets to you. There’s nothing we can do about that. That’s just plumbing.

Myth 5: Tankless Water Heaters require regular inspection

Anyone with a non-tankless water heater would tell you its impossible a Tankless Water Heater could operate without regular inspections. But that is only because that reality is at such odds with their own life experiences with non-tankless water heater maintenance and repair that it seems virtually impossible. But what they do not realize, or refuse to, is that Tankless Water Heaters are self monitoring. Any issue the the heater cannot overcome of its own accord and ability is recorded immediately and reported directly to the relevant bodies for rapid assessment and dispatch. That’s the beauty of the hands-free no-muss Tankless Water Heater system. You don’t even know something is wrong until someone is at your door to address it.

Myth 6: The require a lot of natural gas

Now this myth is slightly based in some truth. Tankless Water Heaters can run entirely off of a natural gas line. But this is done with only the greatest efficiently. However, if you don’t have a natural gas connection in your house, don’t worry. You have numerous other options. Any combination of organic and inorganic materials can be used as fuel for your Tankless Water Heater. Propane. Wood pellets. Electrics. Organic matter. Just about anything you can think of. Be creative. The beauty of the Tankless Water Heater is its flexibility and willingness to adapt to a changing modern world.

It can seem difficult, at first, to decide if you’re ready to take that next step toward bringing a Tankless Water Heater into your life. But when its time, you’ll know. And you’ll be ready with the right information, and the number of a licensed and bonded Tankless Water Heater technician or advocate who can be by your side when the time comes.

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